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SBSEnviro India's one of the reputed Turbo Blower Supplier company mostly supply The Hoffman turbo blowers. Hoffman Revolution is the world’s most advanced blower energy management system. The culmination of blower design and leadership delivers a new standard in efficiency and environmental protection. The first high speed centrifugal in its class—designed, built, and tested in the United States of America. Through advanced technologies, the Revolution delivers up to 45% energy savings, provides increased reliability with little or no maintenance and comes factory pre-wired and tested in an ergonomically designed sound enclosure for plug-and-play operation.

Features & Benefits
  • Permanent Magnet Motor :
    • Power required only to rotate & not for magnetizing of rotor.
    • Can be started & stopped any number of times.
    • High Efficiency of 95-96% even at part load conditions.
  • Direct Drive :
    • No Gear Box à hence no lubrication required.
    • No transmission loss due to Direct drive à Hence better efficiency.
  • Variable Speed Drive :
    • Achieves High speed without bull gear.
    • Enables Smooth starts with Starting current only 5-10% of Full Load Current.
    • Enables efficient pressure/ flow control (40-100%) by smooth speed variation.
  • Air Foil Bearing :
    • Enables elimination of oil from machine.
    • Ensure 100% Oil Free Air at discharge.
    • High Reliability with 3rd generation airfoil bearings (used in Jet engines).
  • Quiet Operation :
    • Low Noise à Below 85 dB against 90-110 dB of PD blowers.
    • Low Vibrationsà Below 1 mm/sec against 15-20 mm/sec of PD blowers.
  • Customer Centric :
    • Plug & Start Turbo Machines are fully assembled ,tested & ready for commissioning when shipped.
    • Compact units à footprint is 1/3rd that of PD Blowers.
    • Complete Instrumentation is built in à with flow, pressure, energy being monitored through HMI.
    • No need of any foundation. Only Plain Hard surface required.