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Tri-Lobe Blowers

SBSEnviro is among on of the supplier of Trilobo Blowers across Pan India.Tri-lobe technology means blowers have lobe tips exposed to 120 degrees around the rotor instead of 180 degrees as in a bi-lobe blower.
This provides a stiffer rotor set, meaning less deflection at any load. These blowers have been designed keeping the specific demands of the industry of continuous duty operation, sturdy design, reduced noise, reduced pulsations and vibrations, longer bearing life and minimal maintenance in mind.

  • Aggregate compact design
  • Silent operation, low noise emission
  • Easy access and maintenance
  • High performances
  • Only V-Belt drive (no direct coupling)
  • Capacity up to 10400 m³/h
  • Pressure mode up to 1000 mbar (g)
  • Plug & Play solution on request