Tube Settler Media

Tube Settler Media

In any Wastewater treatment system, Clarification and Sedimentation are important stages involved. Higher settling surface area whilst maintaining a small structure is the most efficient sedimentation system. Our Tube Settler media provides a large settling surface area within the specified volume thus giving high flow rates.

They are uniquely designed to give the highest surface areas in the current genre of tube settlers. In addition, the inherent shape of the modules give an efficient mechanism for the sludge to flow downwards. They have a chevron shaped self-supporting structure in a tubular form with six sides. Tube settler media is primarily used in applications like solid-liquid water in clarifier's in primary & secondary sedimentation and oil water separators.

The Tube settler media have no moving parts as a result of which there is no energy loss. The distribution and entry velocity are minimum resulting in maximum efficiency and better effluent quality. The efficient design minimizes space requirements and is sturdy and easy to transport and install.

It increase the capacity of existing clarifier's due to increase in available settling area. Use of our Tube settler media while constructing a new plants, can reduce the tank size thus thus reduce civil construction cost too.

SBSEnviro Tube Settler Media
SBSEnviro Tube Settler Media

Application :

  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Biological floc separation
  • Mining area flood water treatment
  • Ash handling plants

Material of Construction PVC
Shape of Tube Chevron-Unequal Hexagonal/ Square
Fitting of Tube Easy to fit with a tongue and groove arrangement
Thickness 1mm (±0.1 mm)
Maximum continuous working temperature 55°C
Storage Media must be stored in a covered place with adequate ventilation

* Removal of suspended solids depends on character of water / wastewater, proportion of settleable solids, concentration of solids, temperature and other factors.

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