Sludge Dewatering System

Volute - Sludge Dewatering Unit

We supply 4th generation Volute - Sludge Dewatering Unit. A dewatering unit for convenient sludge treatment. Volute is 24hrs auto operational and clog-free design. Volute is highly efficient machine which can dewater biological and chemical sludge on wide range of incoming solid concentration from 2000mg/l to 40000mg/l. Machine is available for dry sludge (DS) output of 0.5kg/hr to 700kg/hr.

SBSEnviro Sludge Dewatering System
SBSEnviro Sludge Dewatering System
SBSEnviro Sludge Dewatering System

Features :

  • 4th generation sludge dewatering mechanism
  • Lowest energy consumption (0.8-6.0kwh)
  • Low moisture content
  • Complete SS 304 construction
  • Continuous & non-stop operation
  • Fully automatic

Comparison With other Dewatering Equipments :

Method Volute Belt Press Screw Press Centrifuge Filter Press
Low concentrated Sludge Very Good Not so good Not so good Good Bad
Oily Sludge Very Good Bad Bad Not so good Bad
Rinsing Water Minimum High Medium Low Medium
Electricity Lowest Medium Medium High High
24 hour operation Very Good Bad Not so good Bad Bad
Maintenance Easy Difficult Difficult Difficult Difficult
Installation space Small Large Large Medium Medium

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