MBBR Media

MBBR Media

The MBBR Media (Moving Bed Biological Media) system is an advanced high-rate wastewater treatment process utilizing free floating media which houses active biological cells. Essentially, MBBR system is a hybrid process where attached growth and suspended growth treatment processes functions simultaneously.

SBSEnviro MBBR / FAB system
SBSEnviro MBBR / FAB system
SBSEnviro MBBR / FAB system

Arguably, the most important part of the MBBR process is the specially designed floating media, which provides large surface area for bacterial growth. Hence these carrier elements (media) are in continuous movement, available surface area is constantly exposed to the wastewater, and hence uniform biological growth takes place over entire area of the media.

'Continuous Movement' of this carrier element is driven by air bubbles supplied inside the reactor by means on air diffusers.

BF-22 Random Media for MBBR media, is a 'Non Clog' & 'self cleaning' type, designed in view of various factors which influences the plant performance. Our pilot plant trials helped us on concluding the design parameters required with FBBR. Importantly thrust was given to maintain the same active surface area even after plant stabilization period. Many moving bed reactor designers given little importance to 'specific area lost' over a period of time led to failures of similar installations. Either the system consume large amount of energy (as they eventually use coarse bubble aeration system to flush out the entrapped bio solids inside the media) or uses excess media in-order to overcome the 'lost area'.

BF-22 Random Media overcome the problems faced with conventional moving media available elsewhere.

Salient features of BF-22 Random Media are as below :

  • Void ratio of more than 90% - ensures minimal or no clog of biomass inside the individual media element.
  • Higher ratio of PSA/TSA (protected surface area / total surface area) – ensures maximum active surface area for biological activity.
  • Configuration of media permits lower air quantity by encouraging fine bubble diffused aeration system.
  • Media configuration ensures thinner and active biofilm over it.
  • Higher values of PSA/TSA ratio indicate lesser area is exposed for wear tear. This ensures biomass utilizes complete surface area available.

Media Specification :

ModelCD BF-22
Length (mm)20
Diameter (mm)22
Total Surface Area (m2)400
PSA/TSA ratio (%)95
Void ratio (V/V)> 80
Specific weight (kg/m2 surface area)0.35
Density (gm/cc)0.93
No. of pieces per unit (nos./m3)60800

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