Low Bio Sludge Technology - LBS Technology


PVA Gel is a biocarrier used to enhance wastewater treatment and thus protect our Earth’s Environment. Through over a decade of research and development, the product PVA Gel beads has established as an effective biological wastewater treatment technology. PVA gel is a Porous Hydrogel that is ideally suited for immobilization of microorganisms essential for the degradation of environmental pollutants.

SBSEnviro PVA Gel (Bio Media)
SBSEnviro PVA Gel (Bio Media)
SBSEnviro PVA Gel (Bio Media)

Features :

  • Extensive Porosity
  • Oxygen Permeability
  • Water Insoluble
  • Fluidity in water
  • Non Biodegradable

SBSEnviro PVA Gel (Bio Media)

Specification :

  • MOC : Bridged Polyvinyl Alcohol gel
  • Porosity : 10 to 20 micron
  • Shape : Spherical Beads
  • Specify Gravity : 1.025 +/-0.01
  • Diameter of beads : 4.5mm +/-1.0mm
  • Solubility : Insoluble in water
  • Colour : Beads of white
  • Settle Bead count : 20,000/ltr

Advantages of PVA Gel based Technology :

  • ETP/STP Upgradation - Capacity of the existing plant can be upgraded 2 to 4 times of conventional system
  • Sludge Reduction - PVA Gel Media is excellent for sludge reduction (total oxidation) due to lesser amount of biomass yield and higher endogenous decay rate of that sludge.
  • Maintenance - PVA Gel is inert material and does not require any cleaning even after ten years of operation
  • N&P Removal - PVA Gel technology shall be effectively used for removal of Nitrogen & Phosphorus from the wastewater.
  • Ease of Modification - To upgrade the old ETP there is no addition of civil work required, even to triple the plant capacity! Only minor arrangements required.
  • Application - Appication for both Aerobic and Anaerobic process.

SBSEnviro PVA Gel (Bio Media)

PVA Gel Media in Anaerobic Process :

  • PVA Gel media shall be effectively apply for anaerobic treatment.
  • Shall be used in (a) Completely Mixed Hybrid Reactor (CMHR), (b) in conventional UASB reactor for capacity enhancement.
  • Small footprints reactor saves cost, valuable land and energy for mixing.
  • High COD / BOD reduction along with superiorCH4 content.
SBSEnviro PVA Gel (Bio Media)

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