Enzymatic Bio Culture(EBC)

Enzymatic Bio Culture(EBC)

Our Enzymatic Bioculture has best suited formulation with selected species of pure & effective micro-organisms in appropriate quantity. This culture act as a digester of organic waste. It is available in liquid form and in affordable price. It has predominant population of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and smaller members of Photosynthetic bacteria, actinomycetes and other types of organisms.

SBSEnviro Enzymatic Bio Culture(EBC)
SBSEnviro Enzymatic Bio Culture(EBC)

Advantages :

  • Eliminates Odour
  • Degrades Oil, fat and grease
  • Increase rate of reaction
  • Corrosion control
  • Stabilization of proteins
  • Handle shock loads

Dosage :

  • The dosage of Bioculture varies depending on the specific application. Specific recommendations can be provided by us.

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