Dissolved Air Flotation System

Dissolved Air Flotation System

Flotation involves separation of solids from the water phase by attaching the solids to fine air bubbles to decrease density of the particles so that they float instead of sinking. The rising solids are called the "float". The float is skimmed off the surface and further processed in the sludge treatment.

SeVAMI-DAF system is specially designed for removal/recovery of solids, fat, oil, grease from wastewater and process water.

Flotation is ideal process for separation of less dense/ lighter solid impurities which includes Oil, Grease, Fats having tendency to float to the water surface. Such solids would either sediment very slowly or would remain suspended.

It is possible to separate them by increasing buoyancy of solids and this is the principle of Floatation process.

Using this principle, solid rises to the surface of water from where it can be skimmed off. Solid particles with densities heavier than water also get attached with air bubbles at some extend and are removed by flotation.

Dissolved Air Flotation System

Dissolved Air Flotation System
Dissolved Air Flotation System
Dissolved Air Flotation System

Advantages of flotation over sedimentation :

  • Can remove low density particles which would require long settling periods.
  • Ability to handle variable solids loading (can adjust air flow).
  • Configuration of media permits lower air quantity by encouraging fine bubble diffused aeration system.
  • High rise velocity permits small tank.
  • Can provide high float concentration (good thickening).

Application Industries :

  • Chemical processing
  • Dairy/ Milk processing
  • Edible Oil
  • ETP/STP Primary & Secondary application
  • Food processing
  • Fruit processing
  • Leather/ Tannery
  • Petrochemical/ Refinery
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Slaughter house
  • Automobile & Paint Shop

Highlights of SeVAMI -DAF :

  • Simple operation
  • MSEP or SS 304 construction
  • Compact rectangular construction
  • Different model available for Primary & Secondary application
  • Wide range of flow
  • Cost effective
  • Ready to used assembly
  • Simple installation on column structure
  • High loading rate
  • Very thick float (Sludge) product.
  • Float can be dewatered without intermediate thickening.
  • Often no polymer is required, as does not required large, dense floc. Coagulant dosage may also reduce to some extend.
  • Smaller footprint required as compare to conventional flocculation and gravity sedimentation.
  • Excellent Oil/grease/fat removal efficiency
Dissolved Air Flotation System

Dissolved Air Flotation System

Complete SeVAMI-DAF system :

SeVAMI DAF Model comes with integrated compact design. System includes SS304/ MSEP body, flocculation unit, recycle-micro bubble pump, scrapper mechanism, Sludge collection, PLC control panel.

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