Diffused Aeration System

Diffused Aeration System

At SBSEnviro, we supply a world class Raubioxon Plus & Raubioflex tubular & disc aerators for maximum oxygen utilization. Air diffusers we offered are of Silicone & EPDM membranes on a Poly Propylene (PP) non-buoyant type support tube. Each membrane is tested for pressure loss and other parameters. It’s Aeration efficiency is as high as 4.5-5.0 kg/kWh. The products are of highest international standards, durable & easy to clean.

SBSEnviro Diffused Aeration System
SBSEnviro Diffused Aeration System
Dissolved Air Flotation System

Raubioxon Plus Features :

  • High Tear strength & elasticity
  • High temperature resistance
  • No plasticizer leaching
  • Resistant to oil, weak acids
  • Self sealing when air supply is stopped
  • No membrane shrinkage
  • Optimum bubble size

Types of air diffuser available with us include:

Sr. No.

Type of Aerator



Fine Bubble Tubular air diffusers diffuser



1 X 1000mm

67mm OD

67mm OD

67mm OD/ 90mm OD


Fine Bubble Disc diffusers

300mm Ø

200mm Ø




Coarse Bubble diffusers in EPDM membrane

150mm Ø



SS304/316 non-clog type





Type of aeration system arrangements :

  • Fix grid
  • L grid
  • Conventional Lifting grid
  • Hanging grid

Advantages :

  • Suitable for continuous or intermittent operation.
  • Additional option of non-return valve available.
  • The membrane provides high oxygen yields.
  • Enhances mixing between the gas and liquid phases
  • In contrast to a surface aerator which has an electric motor in the water, a diffused aerator has its motor on the shore. Because of this the motor can be easier to manage or repair.
  • These systems is made to operate continuously so maintenance on its accessories is too low whereas in surface aerators.

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